What is Trullion-e (Tru-e)?
Trullion-e is a cryptocurrency token backed by 100% physical gold assets, 1 gram of gold = 1 Trullion-e token following market price rates.

Why is Trullion-e backed by gold?
In general, cryptocurrencies are driven by the laws of supply and demand which can often be unpredictable, whereas gold is historically proven to be stable in terms of pricing. Therefore, by combining the best of both, 1 Trullion-e token’s value will never be lesser than the price of 1 gram of gold.

Why choose gold? Not silver or any other metals?
Due to its rarity, longevity, density, malleability and lust, gold has been accepted as an asset that backs fiat money for centuries. Even after 1971 when the U.S. abandoned its “Gold Standard”, gold remains a valuable asset that serves as a precious metal and real money until today.

What type of gold does Trullion-e use?
Trullion-e only uses 999.9 gold bars (24 Karat).

How much is the total supply of Trullion-e?
Every single Trullion-e token is issued out of per gram gold purchased and held in a secure vault. The Amount of gold purchased shall always match the amount of tokens issued and in circulation.

How do we know the gold exists?
There shall be a certificate issued for purchased & allocated gold and such certificate shall be made available for viewing on View Assets Report with Certificates.

Where is the gold stored?
Trullion-e gold assets are stored by a trusted custodian and 100% insured by a global insurance company. Its daily assets & custodian statement are available online for verification by stakeholders and regular audits will be carried out to ensure the amount of allocated gold matches the amount of Tru-e tokens in circulation.

What is the advantage of utilizing Trullion-e?
Trullion-e is the new way of doing business seamlessly. It provides a stable currency for both businesses and users to transact payments securely. Moreover, the transaction cost is lower than the conventional banking fees.

What is the minimum purchase amount of Trullion-e token?
There’s no minimum amount required to purchase Trullion-e tokens.

What is the minimum settlement amount of Trullion-e token?
There’s no minimum amount required and you need to transfer Trullion-e tokens to the company in order to receive either Fiat Currency or Physical Gold Bullion.

Is there any transaction fee?
Yes, transaction fees are applicable during purchasing & settlement processes.

1% 2% 3%
Transactions above USD$100,000 Transactions between USD$10,000 - USD$100,000 Transactions below USD$10,000

How do I purchase directly from Trullion Limited?
The purchasing process is simple & transparent, kindly download the Application Form & revert to us with the required documents.

Last Updated : 7/3/2019