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Trullion-e is a token backed by 100% physical gold assets. With 1 Trullion-e (Tru-e) token matched 1:1 against the market value of gold, providing a secure and fully redeemable token to use as a trading medium and store of value.

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Unique Features

Asset Backed by Gold
Trullion-e (Tru-e) token is issued through a Smart Contract using our proof of asset mechanism and backed against 1 gram of physical gold.
Certified & Secured
Once allocated to Trullion-e (Tru-e) Token, allocated gold is certificated and stored in vaults, 100% insured against loss.
Low Transaction Fees
From as low as 1%* transaction fees cover the cost of administration, insurance and storage of physical vaulted gold.


Scheduled Audits & Assets with Certificates

Regular audits carried out by leading audit firms to ensure amount of allocated gold matches amount of Tru-e tokens in circulation.
Stable Token
With a value matched 1:1 against the market price of gold, Trullion-e (Tru-e) provides a secure, fully redeemable token to use as a trading medium and store of value.
Perfect currency of choice for wealth transfers, payment of goods or investment and trading purposes. Trullion (Tru-e) is the stable choice of currency in today’s global market.
ERC-20 Token
Backed by ERC-20 token with extended standards (ERC621) means the total supply of Trullion-e (Tru-e) in circulation will increase & decrease based on the amount of gold allocated.
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A new way of doing business with Stable Currency

Send & Receive Payments
Highly suitable for business transactions due to its stable market value. Making it the ideal choice for sending & receiving payments.
Exchange into variety of global currencies
Easily exchange your Trullion-e into Fiat (USD, EURO, GBP), any Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, EVR) or Physical Gold Bullion anywhere in the world.
Variety of Settlement Options
Wide variety of settlement options allow you to sell back your Trullion-e (Tru-e) in exchange for the same value in Physical Gold, Cryptocurrency and Fiat currency paid into your bank account anywhere in the world.
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About Everus

Incorporated in 2017, Everus Technologies Sdn Bhd is a blockchain technology company based in Malaysia that is pioneering the widespread adoption of blockchain technology worldwide for real-life solutions. Everus enables opportunities in the blockchain industry, and is always looking at ways to accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies while focusing on the development of our ecosystem and its range of user services.

Founded by seasoned IT and software development expert Srinivas Oddati, with a team of experienced executives from operations, products, and technology. With offices in Malaysia, Singapore, India, Switzerland and United States, as well as active wallet users in over 90 countries across Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa and America.


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